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Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services University of Alberta Camp fYrefly You Can Play


2010 - present






Human Rights


LGBTQ rights

A website designed to serve as a “social mirror”, designed to show how homophobia is more pervasive than we think and how it is used casually in everyday language, promoting isolation and the discrimination of young people who belong to sexual and gender minorities. This project monitors how homophobic words and phrases are used on twitter by displaying in real-time Tweets that include the words Faggot, Dyke, NoHomo, and So Gay. The platform is completely independent from and not connected to Twitter in any other way. Even though it has a dashboard business analytics style, it reinforces its counter narrative through a high contrast colour palette of dark and rainbow colors. The website only uses numbers to indicate the frequency with which these words have been used on Twitter, allowing users to explore the numbers aggregated into three time ranges. The simplicity of the visualization and entry point for exploring the data reinforces the power of the use of these words as a means of building up homophobia.