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Chicago Million Dollar Blocks

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Dr. Cooper (Adler University) Dr. Ryan Lugalia-Hollon Matt Barrington (Adler School of Professional Psychology)


July 2015 - present








Community justice

In the US, they are unjustly punishing people for their circumstances, not just their actions. The incarceration system in US has been shown to be an ineffective solution to reducing crime, and now more so than ever. This is an interactive map showing spending on incarceration for every block in Chicago. The map is based on data obtained by the Chicago Justice Project from the Cook County Circuit Court. It represents all adult convictions between the years of 2005-2009. For each conviction, there is data for what the offense was, the length of the sentence, and the offender’s residential address. The project is based in the historical project “Million dollar blocks” (led by Laura Kurgan from the Center of Spatial Research, and Eric Cadora of the Justice Mapping Center, 2005). The code for this project is open source and available on github