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Cartografia de la movilización

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Cartografias de la Movilización Estudiantil


2016 - present


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Citizen protests

It is an independent documentary research project that presents on a map all the events that happened during the 2011 protests of Chile’s secondary education system. They are considered the most important mobilization in recent years in Chile, and one of the largest since the return to democracy after Pinochet’s dictatorship. Students called for reform in the education system, which favours private education that comes at a high costs and offers low quality results. The movement was strong enough to bring to the fore a discussion about changing the education system. The project invites people to add information and evidence through links to news articles about the different types of protests during the period. This map translates analogue processes into a database of happenings, public performances, demonstrations and occupations of public buildings. The map is a strategy in and of itself to narrate the popular protests of this period. By contributing to the datasource, people become deeply involved in the reconstruction of a significant event that left no physical trace. Nevertheless, neither of these two projects shared their databases, instead opting to make data available only through their explorative interfaces.