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Voices of youth Maps

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Youth empowerment

Voices of Youth, a UNICEF initiative, is a platform for young people to express their views on development issues that matter to them. It is a global community for young people to learn about development issues (such as the environment, education, human rights, etc.) and express their views. It seeks to create a space that helps young people become active global citizens, equipped to communicate and collaborate effectively to make a positive difference in their countries and communities. “Voices of Youth Maps” was launched in 2011 and is no longer online (see here). It was part of the project that used digital mapping technology to create a virtual image that represented the everyday realities, challenges and opportunities that young people face. “Voices of Youth Maps offered a mobile application and an online platform for youth to identify issues and engage with their communities to positively impact their neighborhoods. For this project, maps became a tool for change.