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Syrian Archive

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Syrian Archive


2014 - present




Memory and documentation


Human Rights


War, Violence and crime

The Syrian archive is compound of different databases that curates visual documentation for justice and human rights. The Chemical Weapon database, for example, places incidents on a map and allows data to be searched by incidents, keyword, and related video content. The cartographic maps serves the purpose of contextualising the material and promoting readings that are not evident in a simple overview of the database. Maps work as a visual index to navigate the videos and provide context for understand their metadata. Created by a Syrian collective of human rights activists that curates “visual documentation for justice and human rights” of crimes and violations during the Syrian conflict. The archive team argues that the preservation of data builds a digital memory of facts that must be brought to justice. The material that makes up the archive is itself an indirect crowdsourcing effort since one of the ways in which videos are acquired is through social media platforms where civilians upload and share material that is not seen in official media. Then later the archive’s team verified, classified and used the material for research.