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Data acquisition:

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Nación Rotonda

Created by:

Miguel Álvarez Esteban García Rafael Trapiello


2013 - present




Memory and documentation




Urban policymaking

Spanish real estate crisis 2007-2013 which was triggered by the real estate bubble and the subsequent protests in Spain in 2011-2012. In the 2000, the real estate developments that multiplied in a short time were launched with little regard for social needs, only with great expectations of making money. The bubble burst in 2007, leaving half-finished and abandoned buildings scattered throughout the country, including more than 300,000 empty houses in Madrid. The project uses satellite imagery to compare the before and after of roads and condominiums built all over Spain that were never inhabited. In this case, the data is the geographic matching of the construction site over time, and its visualization by means of satellite images. The effectiveness of the message is achieved by the simplicity of the visual comparison and the irony in the project’s discourse.